Which warranty does my product have, and what does it cover?

View warranty information on the Warranty page.

How do I register my purchase?

  • Online - This is the fastest way to register. First you need to create an account (if you have not already done so) and then register your purchases, including the date and place of purchase, and the serial number (if applicable - only some products carry a serial number). If you already have an account, then log in and select Register Your Purchase and follow the instructions.
  • By post - if your rod or reel came with a registration card, just fill out the details and post it to us. If it didn't have a card, send us the product, dealer, date of purchase and your contact details, along with a copy of your receipt.

REMEMBER you still need to keep your receipt in case you need to claim.

How do I make a claim under warranty?

Check the warranty cover that applies to your rod and any associated handling charges. If you're unsure you can contact our customer services department for help. You can then send your damaged rod, rod sections or reel to us, along with the appropriate charges. See the Warranty section for further details.

Why do I need to send a receipt when I have registered my rod/reel?

Keeping proof of purchase can help us process your claim faster and where products are less than 12 months old you may be covered under your statutory consumer rights, meaning you can get a repair or replacement without needing to claim on your warranty.

What happens if there are no sections left for my rod?

We keep sections of rods for as long as feasibly possible. In the event that we don't have any, an upgrade to an equivalent current rod will be offered at a discounted price.

Product Maintenance

Can I order spare parts?

Some spare parts are available to order, or may be replaced under warranty. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Can I have my rod or reel repaired?

Repairs and servicing are available - please contact us to discuss your needs.

How long does it take for a rod repair?

We perform rod repairs as quickly as we can. The time taken depends on the rod/section being returned and the availability of spare parts.

Why should I put candlewax on my rod joints?

This helps prevent wear and tear and prolongs the life of the joint, it also prevents sections sticking together. We recommend a light rubbing on the joints every 2-3 outings. We recommend that only household candle wax is used on the joints.

My rod sections are stuck together, what should I do?

Try putting a pack of frozen peas on the joint for about half an hour - this causes the rod material to shrink slightly - then pull and twist in opposite directions, gripping as close to the joint as you can (rubber gloves are very helpful for this).

If this fails contact customer service for further advice.

Why is the postage so much on spare parts?

When we charge postage, we charge for the actual cost of the postage, but also the cost of the packing materials and the time taken to send them.

If I return a reel for repair what do I get for my money?

The amount you are charged will include any parts used, the labour and a thorough clean and overhaul of the reel.

How long does it take for a reel repair?

Reel repairs are usually carried out within 48 hours of receipt, subject to change during busy periods.

What maintenance is recommended for Flyline?

Flylines should be cleaned, stretched and re-conditioned after every 2-3 outings, this prevents a build up of dirt on the line, which can damage rod rings.